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"There's a rebel lying deep in
my soul.
Anytime anybody tells me the trend is such and such, I go the opposite direction.
I hate the idea of trends. I hate imitation; I have a reverence for individuality."
- Clint Eastwood

Hotel Renegade | Coming 2023 | Boise, ID
Hotel Renegade Key

boutique + boise

hotel renegade coming 2024

The 122-key Hotel Renegade will awaken your inner rebel, indulge your adventurous spirit and satisfy your urge to explore.  We’re paving a new path in Boise. Experience a boutique hotel stay unlike any other – where rough meets refined and details matter.

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Geronimo Hospitality Group has named Jussi Santa the general manager of Hotel Renegade, the 122-key boutique hotel coming to downtown Boise in Spring 2024.  

1,132 SF retail space available at the corner of 12th St. and Grove St. 

Contact Hendricks Commercial Properties for information.

Hendricks Commercial Properties has given a name to its planned restaurant at 11th St. and Grove St. in Downtown Boise: Baraboo Supper Club.

The 122-key boutique hotel will include on-site restaurant, rooftop bar & event space.


Welcome to Baraboo Supper Club, where traditions begin, and good times never end. Follow the neon sign to Boise’s newest supper club, where you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and a bartender who’s already mixing you a Brandy Old Fashioned. With prime rib, relish trays and boozy ice cream on the menu, it’s the perfect place to start your night, end your night, or make your whole night.


Ride the elevator to the top floor of Hotel Renegade and step into The Highlander, where the party’s just getting started. Grab a drink from the bar and indulge in the sexiest views of downtown Boise. Take a seat inside or heat things up at one of the outdoor fire pits.


Grounded in hard work. Enjoy espresso and handcrafted coffee drinks made from beans roasted by Wisconsin-based Ruby Coffee Roasters. Offering a robust drink menu including teas and smoothies and a welcoming, friendly environment, Blue Collar Coffee Co. serves coffee with character for hard working people. 

Hotel Renegade, Boise, ID
Hotel Renegade | Coming 2023 | Boise, ID

We need a dynamic team of people who take chances and push limits. Our team needs individuals with a bit of an attitude… the kind who look at hospitality and choose to turn it up a notch. If that sounds like you, here’s a button with your name on it.

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