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Unveiling the Future: Hotel Renegade Welcomes Boise’s Community Stakeholders

Hotel Renegade opened its doors to community leaders from Visit Boise, the Boise Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Boise Association, Boise Centre, and Boise Valley Economic Partnership for a hard hat tour that offered a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship and visionary design set to redefine hospitality in downtown Boise.

Boise community leaders attend hard hat event at Hotel Renegade

These community ties are vital; they're the backbone of Hotel Renegade's commitment to becoming part of Boise's economic and cultural fabric.

Visit Boise shares our goal of positioning Boise as a premier destination. Their expertise in promoting tourism aligns with our ambition to offer an unparalleled guest experience and showcase the best of Boise.

Boise Chamber of Commerce highlights the symbolic relationship between businesses and the local community and Geronimo Hospitality Group strives to honor history and fortify relationships. Through community collaboration, Hotel Renegade guests will experience elevated hospitality, indulging the adventurous spirit of the community and contribute to the thriving downtown ecosystem collaborating with the Downtown Boise Association.

Our partnership with The Boise Centre showcases the potential for Hotel Renegade to serve as a catalyst for events and conferences, further enhancing Boise’s reputation as a hub for both business and leisure.

Boise Valley Economic Partnership’s involvement reaffirms our commitment to contributing to the economic vitality of the region by creating jobs and driving economic growth.

As construction progresses, Hotel Renegade eagerly anticipates integrating into downtown Boise. With our esteemed partners, we're excited to open our doors in spring 2024, inviting guests to indulge in Boise's charm. The future of Hotel Renegade, with our community partners, shines brighter than ever.

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The 122-key Hotel Renegade will awaken your inner rebel, indulge your adventurous spirit and satisfy your urge to explore. We’re paving a new path in Boise. Experience a boutique hotel stay unlike any other- where rough meets refined and details matter. For more information, visit


Shannon Kelly, PR Specialist,

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